Cleveland Cavaliers Rumors: Team Preparing To Trade For Kevin Love?

By Andrew Fisher
Kevin Love
Getty Images

Most NBA teams outside of the playoff picture seem to have some interest in acquiring Kevin Love. You can add the Cleveland Cavaliers to that list.

After landing the top spot in the draft once again this season the Cavs have acknowledged that they’ve received multiple inquiries about a possible trade for it. If they are serious about dealing for Love you’d have to think the No. 1 pick will need to be included.

The bigger question is whether Love will want to stay in Cleveland long-term if he is dealt there. With only one year left on his current deal that situation would need to be addressed before the Cavs seriously consider essentially trading away a guy like Andrew Wiggins or Joel Embiid.

For Love, Cleveland seems like more of the same. The Cavs franchise hasn’t done much of anything lately and it’s certainly a couple years away from contending again. It’s hard to see the PF being happy in another place that so closely resembles the state of the T-Wolves franchise.

Of course many things could change. George Karl could become the next Cavs coach and LeBron James could make his return. If those two things happened, then you have to believe Love would think differently about Cleveland in the long-term.

Ultimately it’s not his call where he gets dealt. If the Cavs really want him, there won’t be much he can do about it for at least a year.

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