LeBron James Should Stay Away From Cleveland Cavaliers Despite No. 1 Draft Pick

By winstonharris
LeBron James
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

After the news broke of the Cleveland Cavaliers winning the top draft selection for the third time in four years, speculation started to circulate about how this would be perceived by LeBron James. What James should see is a clear sign that says, “Do Not Enter”.

Since James has not confirmed or denied his future with the Miami Heat, one could assume he may give his former team and hometown another try. However, that would be the worst decision of his career.

The Cavaliers are just coming off firing one of the best coaches the NBA has to offer right now in Mike Brown. Sure, they justified their decision with the excuse of a poor season, but what coach could have done more with the roster they had this year? Most people even forgot that Cleveland had No. 1 pick Anthony Bennett because he didn’t show up at all this season, which leads into the next reason why James should keep his distance.

The Cavaliers showed their negligence when they drafted Bennett, who has produced next to nothing. The news of the No. 1 draft pick is the only thing they have to possibly keep their star point guard Kyrie Irving from leaving this current Eastern Conference joke.

If the perfect offseason scenario plays out with James and Irving, and they get the No. 1 draft pick right (Jabari Parker, Joel Embiid or Andrew Wiggins), they would be the fourth-best team in the league at best. They would not be an automatic title contender, and the growing pains would be a media buffet.

James must stay in Miami and trust that the legendary Pat Riley can make the moves necessary to keep him at the top.

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