Brian Shaw Not A Realistic Option For The New York Knicks

By Gustavo Braga
Brian Shaw
Getty Images

After Steve Kerr chose to go coach the Golden State Warrios, Brian Shaw of the Denver Nuggets has surfaced as the front-runner to land the New York Knicks‘ head coaching gig. Apparently, Phil Jackson – Knicks’ President of Basketball Operations – is not looking for young and manageable coaches alone, so names like Derek Fisher and Tyronn Lue are not the only options to split responsibility with him on the team’s future results anymore. If Phil decides to go forward with the intention of hiring the Nuggets’ coach, he is going to need to address two major situations that could be in the way of making that happen: Shaw’s will to come to New York and Denver’s demands in order to let that happen.

Shaw has repeatedly said that he is not interested in coaching the Knicks. Shaw likes his job and doesn’t have any short-term plans to leave it behind. Obviously this situation could change if Jackson was to promise him full coaching control and a good roster and atmosphere to work with (along with James Dolan’s millions of dollars). If indeed he is shaken after these offers and starts to consider the possibility, Jackson would need to address the second issue – Denver’s demands.

The Knicks do not have any movable first-round pick until 2018, and considering only cash and picks can be traded for coaches, the Knicks might need more than reputation to land Shaw. The Nuggets are certain to raise the bar as far as demands are concerned (nothing is more expensive than a commodity with high demand), thus making this negotiation as far from happening as landing LeBron James in the next free agency class

Honestly, Knicks fans are more inclined to either a rookie coach or a veteran who is actually on the market. Why does the organization always need to take the long way instead of making it simple and efficient? A good veteran coach would put an end to the searching speculation and pressure on the president. It would also make Carmelo Anthony see a clear future for the Knicks and therefore moving ahead with his decision of staying or going to another town. And most importantly it would mean that the team is actually moving forward and thinking ahead instead of swimming on their own blood spilled by this terrible season.

Phil better make a move fast if he wants a coach beside him for the summer camp.

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