Chicago Bulls Should Target Carmelo Anthony over Kevin Love

carmelo anthony

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The Chicago Bulls are heading into a very busy summer and rumors have been surrounding either Carmelo Anthony or Kevin Love joining the team. The Bulls would be lucky to have either player, but Anthony should be Plan A over Love. Anthony is the guy, Love is the guy next to the guy.

With Taj Gibson already at the power forward and the hopes of Nikola Mirotic coming over at some point in the near future, Anthony is a better fit on the Bulls roster than Love and fills a position of need. Inserting Anthony into the lineup would leave the Bulls with a starting lineup of Joakim Noah, Gibson, Anthony, Jimmy Butler and Derrick Rose.

Noah has made it clear he wants Anthony, but doesn’t want Gibson to be the sacrificial lamb. By amnestying Carlos Boozer and the possibility of Anthony taking less money to win, Gibson would not need to be traded. Love comes at a steep price — the Bulls would need to give up many assets including draft picks, Butler and likely the rights to Mirotic.

More importantly, Anthony takes pressure off Rose, particularly in the fourth quarter where the Bulls struggle to score and create their own shots. Anthony can create his own shot, can handle the ball when need be and is a legitimate scorer the Bulls have desperately been seeking to pair with a healthy Rose. Anthony is also a better defender than Love and would fit better in Tom Thibodeau‘s system.

Another factor is playoff experience. Love has never reached the playoffs in his career, while Anthony has. Rose’s preference may also play a huge factor in which player the Bulls target.

It all comes down to titles, especially in a city like Chicago, and overall Anthony is the better player and gets the Bulls closer to that coveted seventh championship.


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    LOL at the playoffs argument. It’s not Love’s fault his teammates were terrible. That’s poor management decisions. Melo has had an plethora of vets to help him to the playoffs, Chauncey, Jr Smith, Allen Iverson, Amare Stoudamire, Nene, Tyson Chandler. And he’s still FAILED on that stage time and time again. It’s not like you’re getting an proven winner to help they team ascend to greatness. Carmelo Anthony is nothing more than fool’s gold.

    Anyone that thinks Carmelo Anthony is taking a pay cut to come to Chicago is not playing with a full deck. First, he forced his way into NYC. Forcing his way out looks really bad for his camp. Second, he’s married… no way does any woman say “go ahead honey, take a pay cut, don’t maximize your value”. Love is nothing like Carlos Boozer. Watch his game, He spaces the floor well as a big man and can hit the deep three (which the Bulls have huge problems with).

    The Rose, Butler, Melo, Gibson, Noah lineup is just a pipedream. it’ll never happen in Thibs system. 1. Because Jimmy Butler’s natural position is at SF (he’s not capable enough to start at SG). 2. Gibson’s contract would have to be traded to NYK for Melo. 3. Even if you find an way to sign both of them, that leaves out critical role players on the roster like Hinrich, Augustin… et cetera. No one takes lowball offers for “the team” dynamic. That’s a ridiculous notion.

    Paying Noah, Rose, Gibson has killed the team financially. Paying Carmelo would force the team into the luxury tax area, which means getting creative with other contracts. That means say goodbye to Butler (when his contract is up), Hinrich, Augustin, Fredette, Dunleavy, Brewer, Smith, James, Amundson, Mohammed and replacing them with minimum salaried players.