Cleveland Cavaliers Rumors: Team Foolish to Reach Out to Billy Donovan

By Connor Muldowney

Once upon a time, Florida Gators head coach Billy Donovan became the head coach of the Orlando Magic in 2007 after winning his second collegiate national title. It lasted one whole day. According to ESPN, the Cleveland Cavaliers have reached out to the successful coach and are hoping he will make them the next, and final, stop in his head coaching journey.

Poor mistake on their part, however.

Like I said earlier, Donovan had accepted a job with the Magic, but then changed his mind just a couple days after accepting a five-year, $27.5 million offer from the organization. They ended up filling Donovan’s place with Stan Van Gundy — so it worked out well for the Magic anyways.

Now that the Cavs are showing some major interest, could this sway his opinion especially now that they have another No. 1 pick in the NBA draft? Not a chance.

Earlier on Thursday afternoon, Donovan said that he has been contacted by many teams but he’s happy at Florida and has no intention of leaving. This is when you should probably take his word for it because he’s not any younger than he was in 2007 and he has ultimate job security at Florida since he has been there for nearly 20 years.

The report about the Cavaliers wanting him to be their next coach came out shortly after Donovan said he was happy at Florida, but that’s not stopping Cleveland. It should, however.

Why would a coach who already turned down an NBA offer in his own state seven years ago take an offer from a less-than-desirable franchise with no NBA titles and give up on a school that could easily be playing for a national title in 2015? He wouldn’t.

Keep trying, Cleveland. You may have luck with the NBA Lottery, but you don’t have it with coaches.

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