Jose Calderon Crazy to Believe Dallas Mavericks Close to Being Contenders

By Miotch
Jose Calderon
Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

“At the end of the day we showed we’re right there and we’re close,” said Jose Calderon, per Earl K. Sneed of At the end of the day? At the end of the day, the Dallas Mavericks got knocked out the NBA Playoffs in the first round.

That’s not close. If a really pretty girl smiles at you, that doesn’t necessarily mean she likes you. She might just be playing with your head, like the San Antonio Spurs did with Dallas.

Speaking of the Mavericks’ senior roster, Calderon added, “You need veteran guys who know how to play, and we can get better for sure.”

You do need veteran guys in order to be a contender, but veteran teams–unless they add another star–do not get better. Unless the Mavericks go out and get a Carmelo Anthony or something, they’ll gradually decline over the next few years, just like all the other veteran teams.

The Mavericks currently have two stars, Dirk Nowitzki and Monta Ellis. Calderon might be deranged enough to believe he’s that third star on the roster, but it’s probably because that pretty girl lied to him. The brutal truth is he’s an average basketball player, and if the Mavericks don’t add a star to this roster, they’ll be an average team at best.

Old players don’t get better the next year; young players do. And in order for the Mavericks to keep up with these young teams, who are getting better, they can’t just bring back all the aging veterans. Dallas will need to woo another star to the Lone Star State.

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