Clint Capela: Boston Celtics NBA Draft Profile

By Eddie Santiago
Sam Forencich-Getty Images
Sam Forencich-Getty Images

The NBA Draft Lottery has finally happened, and we can finally say definitively the Boston Celtics have picks No. 6 and 17 in the first round. This is a very deep draft, and even with those picks, you can, at worst, get rotation pieces.

If developed properly, this can turn into a star-studded NBA Draft. One prospect that should be looked at for the Celtics is fast-rising Swiss international Clint Capela.

Capela has amazing physical attributes. He’s a 6-foot-11 forward/center with a 7-foot-5 wingspan. He can jump out the gym, and has the ability to be a difference-maker around the rim.

It’s all about upside with Capela. He has a great frame, huge hands, and long arms, and is a freakish athlete.

He’s a great rebounder, which gives him an NBA skill and will get him playing time early on in his career. He has a great first step that should allow him to drive by other power forwards in the league, and finishes very well around the rim.

Some negatives with Capela is, he really hasn’t accepted that he’s not a wing player. He likes to play out on the perimeter, and shoot the jump shot a lot. He’s not a jump shooter, many consider it to be streaky at best.

He has an average basketball IQ, and forces way too many turnovers than anyone would like. He has bad body language and tends to go after his teammates even during times when it’s his mistake.

Capela is still only 19 years old, so he has a lot of growing to do as a player and has a chance to become a dominant force on the defensive force.

A good NBA comparison for Capela is Tristan Thompson of the Cleveland Cavaliers. He gobbles up rebounds, and at times can change a game defensively. If he puts an offensive game together, gets his head on straight and accepts he’s a big and not a wing, Capela can be special.

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