Dallas Mavericks Owner Mark Cuban Had No Business Making Sensitive Remarks

By Luis Tirado Jr.
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Mark Cuban sure loves to be in the spotlight even though he has no business doing so since this particular issue has nothing to do with him or his team. The Dallas Mavericks owner recently had a public interview explaining his thoughts about the entire Donald Sterling situation and how people should understand that you can’t blame stupidity.

Cuban really had no business conducting an interview of such nature and really should have thought carefully about the words he chose considering the backlash he’s receiving. He said that if an African-American was walking down the street with a black hoodie, he’s walking to the other side of the street. Really? He couldn’t find any other kind of analogy to use to get his point across? Obviously he used a poor choice of words and later apologized via his Twitter account to the family of Trayvon Martin, because that’s the immediate reaction mostly everyone drew upon hearing his interview.

In the world we live in, racism unfortunately still exists; it may never go away. All across the world many still exist with a tremendous amount of power, money and responsibilities and live a secret life of hate due to the color of skin. When they get caught, they will eventually have to deal with the consequences of their words and actions. While Cuban tried to get his main point across that people are stupid and will make mistakes, he should have just kept quiet because he only added more fuel to the fire. This entire Sterling situation is already being dealt with by the NBA and all actions should be handled behind closed doors.

In his interview, Cuban made a point to say “there’s no law against stupid”. He feels that instead of condemning racists and removing them from power like Sterling, they should be helped and educated to think differently. While many agree that would be good, one has to look at all the circumstances. Sterling made some pretty offensive remarks and wouldn’t be safe in public, especially if he attended basketball games with the Los Angeles Clippers. Sterling is also very old which means old habits die hard.

Once you feel a certain way about race, especially all of your life, it’ll be nearly impossible to change. In a case like this, considering Sterling and the Clippers have no association whatsoever with Cuban or his Mavericks, he should have left it all alone and let the higher ups of the NBA take care of things like they have been doing.

Overall, the only thing Cuban has that involves anything in this entire situation is his owner vote to remove Sterling from the NBA and force him to sell the Clippers. Aside from that, it would have been best for him to keep his mouth shut and voice his opinions when the time comes behind closed doors at the NBA meetings. With everything that’s been going on, some comments are just better left unsaid.

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