Julius Randle: Boston Celtics Draft Profile

By Eddie Santiago
Sean Dougherty-USA TODAY Sports
Sean Dougherty-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA Draft Lottery has finally happened, and we can finally say definitively the Boston Celtics have picks No. 6 and 17 in the first round. This is a very deep draft, and even with those picks, you can, at worst, draft rotation pieces.

If developed properly, this can turn into a star-studded NBA Draft. One prospect that should be looked at for the Celtics is star Kentucky power forward, Julius Randle.

Randle helped himself immensely with his measurements at the combine. He measured at 6-foot-10 and had a 7-foot wingspan. Many were saying Randle had short arms, and those measurements dispel that notion.

Some argue Randle was the reason behind the Kentucky success this year. He averaged 15 points and close to 11 rebounds per game in his only year in Lexington.

While I don’t believe the Celtics will look at Randle too closely because they have a similar player in Jared Sullinger on the team, Randle is still an interesting prospect.

Randle has a very unique game. He is relentless in attacking the basket, and plays most of the time under the basket. He shoots free throws at a 74 percent clip, which is really good for someone who plays around the basket like he does.

Randle is not a good defender by any stretch of the word. He doesn’t get many blocked shots, he doesn’t get many steals, and tends to relax on defense and focus on offense. That may have been a need for his team this year, but he can’t get away with it at the next level.

Randle had a tendency to be able to bully his way in the paint and get easy baskets. He’ll have to develop more of a floor game because he won’t be able to do that in the NBA. He needs to make himself a more offensive threat than a bully. His jump needs work, he shoots 16 percent from the three-point line this past season. He has trouble finishing over long defenders which should require him to develop his game more

Many people like to compare Randle to Zach Randolph of the Memphis Grizzlies, but I’m not one of them. Randolph is much better in the paint, and as a shooter. He also doesn’t have a problem finishing around length like Randle does.

A good NBA comparison for Randle is David Lee of the Golden State Warriors. A solid power forward in the league, who can go out and get you 20 points and 10 rebounds on any given night. Not great defenders, but both have a good enough offensive upside. Randle will have to develop more of a jump shot to be like Lee, but that’s who he compares best to.

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