Mark Cuban Disingenuously Wishes Tim Duncan, San Antonio Spurs To Win it All

By Miotch
Mark Cuban
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Smartly, Mark Cuban is opportunistically getting his name in the news during this extended layoff in between Games 2 and 3 of both the Western and Eastern Conference Finals. The outspoken owner of the Dallas Mavericks first got his name in the news yesterday with his controversial interview with Inc. Magazine. Today, Cuban, appearing on 105.3 The Fan’s “‘Ben and Skin Show,” continued to take advantage of the break by making somewhat disingenuous comments about the legendary Tim Duncan:

“I want Tim Duncan to hit a game-winning shot to win Game 7, then go to the Finals, do the exact same thing, hit a game-winning shot in Game 7, run down the tunnel, never to be seen from again.”

It’s understandable that Cuban would have some resentment towards Duncan considering all the punishment ‘The Big Fundamental’ has inflicted on the Mavericks over the years, but Duncan deserves more respect than that. Cuban is essentially saying, “Go home, Timmy, nobody likes you,” feeding off a stereotype (there’s that word again) attributed to Duncan, one that says Duncan is a ‘boring’ player who happens to put up good numbers.

The truth is, the stereotype of Duncan is wrong–he’s not a boring player by any means. What NBA fan wouldn’t want Duncan on their team? And wouldn’t it be fun? Big time!

Cuban also said, “I hope he gets that last ring and it’s all the incentive he needs to retire.” Who is Cuban to speak for Duncan? And what makes Cuban believe–as his words seem to imply–Duncan’s retirement will clear the way for the Mavericks to rise to the top of the Western Conference? Even if the San Antonio Spurs win it all, and Duncan retires, the Spurs, as presently constructed are better than the Mavericks. And Cuban wouldn’t appreciate another owner disrespecting Dirk Nowitzki in the same way.

Cuban needs to shut his mouth, and focus instead on getting the Mavericks above a team that barely makes the playoffs, if at all.

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