Brooklyn Nets: Deron Williams May Never Be Same After Ankle Surgery

By Luis Tirado Jr.
deron williams surgery
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Point guard Deron Williams has much to ponder and work on once his rehab process starts. The Brooklyn Nets‘ star is about to undergo surgery on both his ankles early next week. He’s going to have a bone chip removed from one ankle and have bone spurs removed from the front and back of his other ankle. Needless to say, it’s going to truly test his body and mettle in hopes of being healthy next season and playing effectively enough to be competitive.

The news has both positive and negative elements to it when one thinks about it. For starters, this will finally will be the move that removes all problems Williams has been dealing with his ankles that’s plagued him the past few years. With arthroscopic cleanings usually comes with plenty of relief, hopefully it’ll rekindle the spark Williams once had when he was amazing on the basketball court. Everything he’s done to help ease the pain with his ankles have only been band-aids to the eventual surgery he tried to prolong. Cortisone shots can only take you so far until surgery is absolutely needed before causing permanent damage.

Some of the negative elements to his surgery is the fact that he’s only getting older and there is no guarantee he’s going to resemble the same player the Nets are hoping to get back. Let’s face it, Williams is going to turn 30 years old come June and is taking a huge risk trying to clean out his ankles in hopes of being a dominant player once again.

While most will respect his determination to do whatever is needed to succeed, the human body is built to last only so long before it can’t handle a high-octane workload anymore. It’s something he won’t be able to control and may have to accept the inevitable. Athletes are not regular humans as they endure plenty of physical and mental stress in their sporting careers that eventually over time, they won’t be able to withstand physically anymore.

Hopefully Williams returns healthy and can help the Nets continue in a winning direction. While he may never be the same athlete again after ankle surgery, only time will tell if he can give it one last shot with his surgically-repaired ankles. Otherwise, he might continue to further decline and soon find his way taking part in a battle he might not win because his body simply can’t take it anymore.

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