Golden State Warriors, Steve Kerr Must Set Sights Higher Than Just Playoff Berths

By Cody Williams
Kerr Warriors
Kyle Terada – USA Today Sports Images

The Golden State Warriors made it into the 2014 NBA Playoffs as the sixth seed in the Western Conference. Amidst a multitude of unique and unprecedented drama, though, the Warriors were dispatched by the Los Angeles Clippers in seven games in the first round. For some teams, that would be considered a successful season.

Making it into the postseason certainly isn’t something that teams, specifically teams in the loaded West, can take for granted. If you need evidence of that, just ask the Minnesota Timberwolves their feelings about the matter after missing out on the playoffs for the last decade. However, simply making the playoffs should simply be deemed unacceptable for this Warriors team going forward.

With the dismissal of Mark Jackson, the Warriors front office made several things clear. However, the most apparent of those things is that they were unhappy with the level of success that Jackson was able to reach given the talent that he had with this roster. Sure, not having Andrew Bogut for the postseason didn’t help his cause, but this team never lived up to expectations by only coming in as the six seed.

Now that Steve Kerr is in-tow, though, the Warriors have to be setting their sights higher and hoping that he can maximize the power that this offense seems to have. It’s something that else. Essentially, if you have a team with Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and so on Jackson never seemed able to do, be it because of too many David Lee post-ups or whatever comprising the roster, offense should be your strong-suit.

There’s obviously a question about what Kerr’s merits as a head coach in the NBA will be. You can assume that he will be influenced a bit by his time spent under Phil Jackson and his time under Gregg Popovich as well. However, possibly the most clear fact concerning Kerr and his new team at this stage is that simply making the postseason with a “just-happy-to-be-here” attitude isn’t going to cut it anymore.

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