NBA Rumors: Jeff Van Gundy Could Be Given Powerful Role with Memphis Grizzlies

By Michael Terrill
Jeff Van Gundy
Getty Images

It was not long ago that Stan Van Gundy agreed to terms with the Detroit Pistons to become the new head coach and president of basketball operations. Apparently, he will not be the only Van Gundy who will have the opportunity to hold such a role next season.  The Memphis Grizzlies are reportedly interested in hiring Jeff Van Gundy for the same position his brother has with the Pistons, which could mean a bright future for the organization.

Van Gundy, who is currently a broadcaster for the NBA on ESPN, has a stellar résumé as a head coach. He coached the New York Knicks from 1996-2001 and the Houston Rockets from 2003-2007. His most promising moment during that time was leading the Knicks to the NBA Finals in 1999.

Just because Memphis is interested in luring Van Gundy out of broadcasting does not mean that he will automatically take the job. As of right now, he is reportedly content with his position at ESPN. Not to mention, taking a job with the Grizzlies could be a bit of a gamble considering the overhaul the organization has gone through as of late. With that being said, owner Robert Pera has given his word that the next person who takes over will be placed in a comfortable situation where they will be given every chance to succeed.

The unfortunate part about it is fans do not even want to hear about another coaching change. Everyone outside of the organization was thrilled with the job that Lionel Hollins did. Since his departure, the team has not been the same.

If anything, fans have to be excited about the possibility of landing Van Gundy, especially since he understands the game well and has plenty of success coaching in the NBA.

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