Charlotte Hornets Rumors: Team To Make Run At Big Names Like Kevin Love

By Andrew Fisher
Kevin Love
Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

The Charlotte Hornets are back, and therefore the Charlotte franchise is on its way back to relevancy. After only two playoff seasons in the Bobcats era, fans are hoping that the Hornets rebranding will spark new interest in the team when it comes to potential free agents.

It’s unknown at this point which free agents are interested in the Hornets, but the team apparently has a list of several players it wants to look at, according to the Charlotte Observer. This list includes Luol Deng, Lance Stephenson and Carmelo Anthony. In addition, the team is said to be interested in trading for Harrison Barnes and/or Kevin Love.

All of these rumors should definitely excite Hornets fans. For the first time in a long time the team at least appears to be in the mix for some big ticket players. After years and years of losing and rebuilding, it seems Michael Jordan and company are finally ready to start adding some serious pieces to compliment the team’s young talent.

Of all the names mentioned, you’d have to think Deng, Stephenson and Melo are the most likely candidates to come on board in Charlotte. Trading away young talent to acquire players like Barnes and Love just doesn’t make as much sense, considering that both are set to become free agents in the not too distant future. But if a contract extension could be worked in as part of a Love deal, Hornets fans would be jumping with joy.

For a franchise that’s had so many rough years as of late, these rumors will at least act as a breath of fresh air. If nothing else you’d have to think the Hornets will land at least one of the above mentioned players to aid their rebuilding efforts.

Your move, MJ.


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