Indiana Pacers' Championship Dreams Are Shattered Thanks to Roy Hibbert

By Randall Hampton


Indiana Pacers, Roy Hibbert, Miami Heat
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Another terrible performance from Roy Hibbert has sealed the fate of the Indiana Pacers. Hibbert managed to score zero points in 22 minutes, and that allowed the Miami Heat to run the Pacers off the floor.

Hibbert being completely useless on offense has been a trend lately except in the last few games he has been playing well. Hibbert’s goose egg in the scoring column really wasn’t the worst part of his night. Hibbert got lit up by Chris Bosh for 17 points in the first half.

The only chance the Pacers have at beating the Heat involves Hibbert taking advantage of his mismatch down low. If he can’t make Miami pay for playing Bosh and Udonis Haslem at center, and he will only block one shot in the entire game, he serves no purpose on the court.

There is no way an offensively challenged team can dethrone the defending champions playing four against five. Hibbert decided not to show up in the biggest game of the playoffs, and now this series is for all intents and purposes over.

The Pacers talked about home court advantage, and how last year’s Game 7 would have been different if it was in Indiana only to lose this year in five games. The score tonight was 102-90, but the game was not that close.

The sad part is tonight was actually the nail in the coffin as far as this rivalry goes. Lance Stephenson will probably get paid in free agency, and the Chicago Bulls will return to supremacy in the Central Division with a healthy Derrick Rose. This was Indiana’s best chance to advance to the NBA Finals, but the team as a whole was body snatched after the All-Star break.

Larry Bird will go back to the drawing board with a new coach and a remade roster, but the Pacer’s championship dreams have been shattered.

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