Kobe Bryant's New Smart Car Commercial Is a Bit Strange

By Andrew Fisher
Kobe Bryant
Getty Images

Kobe Bryant drives a Smart Car. At least that’s the impression his new commercial gives.

Check out the iconic shooting guard as he shows off his acting skills in a unique new car ad:

Anyone buying that the Black Mamba actually drives one of those?

I’m not doubting that there’s a Smart Car in one of Kobe’s many garages, but I’m not buying that he drives it on a regular basis. Even with the ridiculous prices of gas in Orange County.

As far as Bryant the actor is concerned, I’d say he does a better job of selling on the court. His facial expressions looked a bit too rehearsed in this ad, but they were fairly Mamba-like. Either way, this commercial is sure to get people talking, which is the point of nearly all advertisements…

Kobe has been in the news a fair amount lately in regards to the Los Angeles Lakers search for a new head coach. The team has said that he won’t necessarily be consulted on the new hire, but that his fit with the new coach will be considered.

I’ve been saying for weeks that the new hire has to be 100 percent Kobe approved. In most cases I wouldn’t take that stance, because we’re just talking about one player, but Bryant’s situation is different. He’s all in for at least two more years, because the Lakers paid him $50 million to be all in for two more years. If he’s not happy — what’s the point of paying him all that money in the first place?

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