New York Knicks Should Trade Tyson Chandler

By Gustavo Braga
Tyson Chandler
Getty Images

Much has been said about the New York Knicks the past couple of months. From the coaching search to possible players that could be added to make the team better, all the speculation makes for one of the most interesting offseasons the franchise has had since 2011 when Carmelo Anthony was brought in.

Let’s talk about one realistic player that still holds trade value and could be leaving New York in order to improve the roster next year: Tyson Chandler.

The center came from Dallas in an attempt to unite with Anthony and Amar’e Stoudemire to make for New York’s own Big Three. It didn’t go as planned. Well, the 2012-13 season almost got the team up there, but they came up short for the past three seasons.

What can Chandler offer?

He came to New York as a champion and the Defensive Player of the Year playing for the Dallas Mavericks. He was supposed to be the defensive reference of the team while Melo and Amar’e would do their thing offensively, but under Mike Woodson’s system, it just didn’t work out. After a couple of seasons his play became more and more irrelevant, with few highlights on offense and a passive posture defending the rim. The more the team dug a hole for themselves last season, the more it became clear that Chandler’s tenure as a Knick seemed to be nearing the end – he was even linked to public criticism of coach Woodson.

If the Knicks decided to trade Chandler – Mark Cuban (Mavericks’ owner) has reportedly targeted the center for the next free agency class – they could get good things in return. Phil Jackson has said that he loves the style of play of Chandler’s backup Cole Aldrich offers and that he wants to make sure the team has enough cap space to bring big names in 2015. So if the Knicks get a draft pick (even a high first or early second round), that would already be a good decision for the team.

The roster is pretty well set for bigs for next season, considering Aldrich had a great season in 2013-14 and Jeremy Tyler is still going to be around as a backup with lots of potential to be developed. Plus Amar’e is still on the team, so the small lineup would have him play center.

By getting a draft pick from the Mavs and keeping Tim Hardaway Jr. and Iman Shumpert, the franchise could do some serious damage come 2015. Cap space from Stoudemire’s expiring contract, young guys with lots of potential and big names certain to be lured to New York would make for a powerful roster.

In a different atmosphere Tyson can even get back to his old self and perform at a high level again. It’s a win-win situation.

Heck, they should throw Raymond Felton in the deal just to get an open space on the roster for a veteran or D-Leaguer or something. I’m sure President Jackson is not going to disappoint.

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