2014 NBA Playoffs: Indiana Pacers' Paul George Needs To Show More Maturity

By Nicholas Barker
Paul George and the Indiana Pacers must come out strong in game 5
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Indiana Pacers were thoroughly outplayed against the Miami Heat in their last game, even though Paul George thought otherwise. After the game, he proceed to say that his team outplayed their opponents, which on the surface seemed like a ludicrous comment; The Heat won in a wire-to-wire victory in which a 12-point margin doesn’t even seem to do it justice.

Digging into what he actually meant, George may have had a point. His team did shoot better from the field, they outrebounded the Heat and even dished out more assists. However, there was one stat that George made sure to point out, which lead to the NBA hitting him with a $25,000 fine today.

In Game 4 in this series, the Heat shot 34 free throws and impressively made 30 of them. The Pacers only got to the free throw line 17 times, connecting on 11 of them. In a game that was decided by 12 points, a 19-point difference from the free throw line is pretty impactful.

In the midst of George’s immature post-game comments, he was asked by the media what the biggest difference was that decided the game, and he responded by saying:

“Probably free throws, I know we gave up 20 … points off turnovers. But we can overcome that. You can’t overcome a 20‑point differential in free throws.”

Even though he isn’t wrong by stating that, you would hope to see more maturity in his wording and owning up a little more personally to the poor performance that they showed.

On Wednesday night, we will see how much fight is truly in this Pacers team. They can either lay down and watch the Heat head to their fourth straight NBA Finals, or they can show us all that they still think they can win this. If they can truly overcome the points off turnovers that they allowed like George stated, tomorrow would be an excellent time to show it.

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