Boston Celtics Need to Look for Deals Come Draft Night

By Eddie Santiago
Rich Obrey/NBAE via Getty Images
Rich Obrey/NBAE via Getty Images

The Boston Celtics are the premiere franchise in the NBA, owning the most NBA Championships. The Celtics are currently in a rebuilding state, and it may take awhile before the Celtics are back on top of the NBA world.

The NBA Draft is coming up on Jun. 26 and the Celtics need to be looking to deal their picks to get better, instead of standing pat and looking to grab the best player available, or the best fit for the team. There are going to be a bevy of players that can be available at a low price, and can be a high reward for the team. Trades and player development are usually the way the Celtics build. Big-time free agents don’t really flock to Boston.

Players are always made available come draft day. No one expected Ray Allen to be available back in 2007, but it happened, then Kevin Garnett came over. The new “Big 3” was formed and the rest is history. Players made available during draft day probably won’t be the caliber of Allen and Garnett, two players who were franchise changers in their previous stops with the Seattle Supersonics and Minnesota Timberwolves, respectively.

But there may be some household names made available. One name that comes to mind is Larry Sanders of the Milwaukee Bucks. He spent most of this past season injured, and or suspended, which should make him more available than ever.

The Celtics need to be in the market for a rim-protecting big man, and a scoring guard to help out Jeff Green and Rajon Rondo going into next season. Given more minutes Jared Sullinger should continue to develop, and the Celtics could compete for a playoff spot next season.

The Celtics are still years away from being title contenders, but making trades could this offseason and during draft night could help expedite that process.

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