Gregg Popovich Was In Rare Form During Game 4 of WCF

By RantSports Staff
Greg Popovich
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Gregg Popovich‘s exchanges with the media are classic at this point. Even though everybody knows what’s coming each interview and post-game press conference — it’s still comical. Popovich’s responses, or lack thereof, are always good for a quick laugh.

There was Pop moment during game four of the Western Conference Finals:

Talk about non-verbal communication. 

The fun continued in the post-game press conference when a reporter asked an obviously upset Popovich about a ‘miscommunication’ with Tim Duncan. At one point during the game he and Duncan had a brief spat that lasted all of two seconds, and Pop didn’t think it was much of anything. It wasn’t, so he responded with: “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

He brushed off the miscommunication question with a blank look on his face and moved on to the next reporter.

You know that being the great coach that he is, Popovich was probably already mentally on to game five. In his mind there wasn’t much to say about game four, except that he didn’t like his team’s physicality. He tipped his cap to Russell Westbrook, who he simply labeled as a ‘great’ player.

Now the San Antonio Spurs will head back home for a crucial game five. The Oklahoma City Thunder are a new team with Serge Ibaka back on the court, and it’s certainly anyone’s series. However, the Popovich-led Spurs won’t be phased. They’ll go back to the drawing board and move forward.

They’re a team dead set on making it back to the Finals to avenge last year’s bitter defeat. There’s definitely something to be said for that.

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