Despite Shock, Steph Curry Has Right Attitude Towards Steve Kerr Hiring

By RantSports Staff
Steph Curry
Jennifer Stewart – USA TODAY Sports

It turns out basketball fans weren’t the only ones shocked by the Golden State Warriors decision to fire Mark Jackson and hire Steve Kerr. Steph Curry was right there along with everybody else.

“There’s no sugarcoating it — it was a weird, expedited situation that we didn’t see coming. And guys are human. You have to be able to adjust to it and have some time to respond. That’s kind of what happened. I think we’ll be fine once we have a clear picture of what’s going on next year…As much as I supported Coach Jackson and loved everything about playing for him, I think they’re (the organization) about winning,” Curry said via

The last part of that comment is the silver lining for anyone who doubts the Warriors decision — they want to win. What Jackson was doing — leading the team to the first and second rounds — wasn’t enough in management’s eyes. Some will call that harsh because of the competitive nature of the Western Conference, others will argue that Jackson had a fair shot and that he failed.

No matter where you fall, the reality is a new coach in place for Golden State.

Is Kerr the right man for the job? It’s hard to see a rookie coming in and picking right up where Jackson left off. He was a players’ coach and obviously had the respect of the team’s best player in Curry. You can’t just make up chemistry between players and coaches over night. It will take time for trust between Kerr and the Warriors to build.

But overall you have to think that very few will be shocked if the Warriors are right back in the same place a few years from now.

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