Los Angeles Clippers Sell For $2 Billion; Time To Move On From Donald Sterling

By Andrew Fisher
Donald Sterling
Getty Images

After all kinds of chatter over the past couple of weeks, the news many people have been waiting for is finally here — the Los Angeles Clippers have sold.

Ding dong, the Donald Sterling era is dead.

Now that the team has sold, can we finally move on from Sterling? He’s been in the news constantly since his racist remarks were made public and now that there’s no reason for him to be in the news — everyone should make a point to never mention him again.

There’s no place in today’s world for people like Donald Sterling. He doesn’t care about anyone but himself and now he can spend all the time he wants with other ugly people like V. Stiviano. Take your billions, Mr. Sterling, and get the heck out of the public eye…

As for the Clippers, what a great day this has to be for the team and the rest of the organization. No longer is there an evil boss in charge. It’s a new era for a team that’s on the rise in a big way.

Players no longer have to think about working for a piece of crap, and fans don’t have to worry about the possibility of the players boycotting next season. Everybody wins.

If you hear someone talking about Donald Sterling from this point on — tell them to stop. That jerk doesn’t deserve any more attention.

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