Roy Hibbert Says LeBron James Told Him Final Play In Game 5

By Andrew Fisher
LeBron James, Miami Heat
Steve Mitchell-USA Toady Sports

LeBron James‘ decision to pass to Chris Bosh on the final play of game five certainly has people talking. Some say he made the right call, others think he should have gone up strong for the tie. Regardless of your opinion, it appears the Indiana Pacers were in on it the whole time. Kind of.

Here’s what Roy Hibbert said on the ending via reporter Scott Agness:

“I asked him (James) straight up right before the play. I was like, ‘You gonna pass to Bosh?’ And he said if I’m in the paint he will. We were just joking around. I thought he was going to the basket and I tried to help my teammate out and those guys covered for me.”

Is LeBron really that confident in the Heat’s abilities? I suppose it’s possible. It’d be one thing if it were just him telling Hibbert he’s going to score on him. That sort of thing happens all the time. But to tell him that he’s going to kick it out to Bosh, is something else.

It’s funny because at 6-10, Bosh has somehow become a ‘three-point specialist’ at this point in his career. All the guy does is hang around the perimeter and shoot threes or other long shots. I guess he doesn’t have a whole lot of options down low in the ECF, since Hibbert and David West rule him in the physicality department.

As for James taking that final shot, I believe he should have gone up strong. There’s something to be said for going for the win, but if he could have got the game to overtime with a contested layup, the Heat might already be on to the Finals.

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