Spike Lee Interview with Dallas Mavericks Owner Mark Cuban Tonight Is a Joke

By Miotch
Mark Cuban
Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sports

The average NBA fan probably doesn’t know the name of most of the owners in the league. But Mark Cuban, the owner of the Dallas Mavericks, is one of those modern-day businessmen who likes to market not only their products, but themselves. As a result, everybody knows who Cuban is and what he looks like.

Cuban is a lot like a kid in how he behaves publicly. He’s a lot like a child, from his countless inappropriate comments to the way he dresses and behaves while at a Mavericks game. He’s not just an owner, but a crazy, diehard fan. The only other well-known figure who draws more attention to himself during an NBA game would probably be outspoken filmmaker Spike Lee.

Which makes it kind of fitting that Lee will be interviewing Cuban tonight on SiriusXM NBA Radio at 7 ET. From Cuban’s crying about the officials and then getting spanked by former NBA Commissioner David Stern, to Spike Lee, in his loud orange, clown-like getup, serving for decades as the New York Knicks unofficial mascot, it makes too much sense that these two were on a collision course to meet like this.

It’s really hard to picture how weird it would be if, say, Lee owned the Knicks, but watching Cuban at games jump up and down like a little kid high on sugar, we get somewhat of an idea of what it would be like. Cuban and Lee are two of the biggest media whores out there. Anything to draw attention to themselves — that’s why they’re so close to the action every game, dressed in their team’s gear, trying to be noticed like it’s their first time at a game. Nevertheless, these two having a discussion is strange, almost incongruous.

Of course, they’ll have you believe they’re going to have an intelligent, thought-provoking discussion on race and stereotypes and stuff like that, but what this interview is really about is two attention whores who can’t help but try and make anything in the news about them. We’ll get to see Cuban swing his mighty sword of condescension at Lee’s sturdy shield of contrivance.

We won’t be smarter as a result of listening to the interview, but from a comical standpoint, it could be entertaining. Lee might demand Cuban denounce Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling (which shouldn’t be too hard for Cuban), but most likely the interview will begin with some exaggerated animosity and then naturally turn into two rich clowns kissing up to each other. At that point, it will just be too much to bear.

Let’s just hope the guys at TNT don’t allow for this joke of an interview to distract from what is a thrilling series between the Oklahoma City Thunder and San Antonio Spurs.

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