LeBron James Will Absolutely Be Back in Miami for the 2014-2015 Season

By Jared Doyle
May 30, 2014; Steve Mitchell: LeBron James isn't leaving Miami this summer, and here is why.
Steve Mitchell- USA Today Sports

With the NBA Conference Finals wrapping up, subsequently followed by the NBA Finals, the countdown towards a star-studded free agency has already begun for many NBA teams. The top name on most teams list is without a doubt LeBron James, who has the option to leave his contract with the Miami Heat this summer and pursue a title with another team. With so many teams clearing cap space for this summer’s free agency period, James could truly have his pick of any franchise in the league. In the end though, the only team he will even consider signing with is, that’s right, the Miami Heat.

Anyone who thinks James is even considering leaving Miami is on some serious hallucinogens. When looking at the current state of the league, only a handful of teams would currently be able to compete for a title, and that’s including what this year’s NBA draft will bring us in terms of quality talent. Teams that have been associated with James’s departure like the Los Angeles Lakers or the Cleveland Cavaliers don’t have the talent or depth to support James in a quest for a title. Due to the current CBA, any team with a top-tier talented player would likely have to give up said player in order to acquire James. This would defeat the entire purpose of James leaving Miami in the first place.

The Heat can still offer James one of the best trios in the league, assuming Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade re-sign in Miami (which they would be crazy not to). Many have forgotten that the Heat have most of their contracts coming off the books as well, which means they will also have the cap flexibility to restructure the Big Three’s contracts and bring in more quality role players for cheap.

These are the exact selling points Pat Riley used when selling James on joining the Heat organization back in 2010, and they will be used again when Riley attempts to re-sell James on why the Heat franchise should be his permanent home. You also have to consider this: if James and the Heat win their third straight title and “three-peat” this season, James would be making a conscious choice to walk away from a team that just won three straight titles. Do you see that happening? Absolutely not.


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