Iman Shumpert's Rap Video Not That Bad

By Gustavo Braga

New York Knicks guard Iman Shumpert released a video clip this week of him free-styling over Lil Durk’s “Chiraq” beat.

It wasn’t the first time Shump has tried to put his name out there as a real rapper, and this time the result wasn’t all that bad. Lyrics aside, the flow is good, the video does have an identity with a weird but original “clownsy” atmosphere to it.

People have been criticizing him for not being focused on his task at hand — help the Knicks get out of their slump — but anyone who follows him on the social networks know that Shump is an amazing athlete who intends to stay this way by working really hard even in this turbulent offseason.

Last season the Knicks had a run to be forgotten. A terrible confluence of injuries and bad coaching culminated in one of the most disappointing seasons of the past five years, especially after having a great run to the Eastern Conference Semifinals led by Carmelo Anthony in 2012-13. We covered how great it was to see Shumpert’s resurgence after a year of injuries and bad performance. He was one of the few bright spots the franchise had to offer its fans, proving that beyond his defensive prowess he could also score both in the paint and from the perimeter and that he has an athleticism to be envied of.

Who knows? If all goes down hill from now on, Iman can still have a promising career in the music industry. Not really, but yes.

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