Joakim Noah Still Recruiting Carmelo Anthony to Chicago Bulls

By Wally Jacobs
Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports
Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Ever since the 2014 NBA All Star weekend, center Joakim Noah has been trying to recruit Carmelo Anthony to play for the Chicago Bulls. Evidently Noah’s recruiting hasn’t stopped and the two players have been in contact ever since.

Recently, Chicago Tribune’s K.C. Johnson reported that Noah has even gone so far as to get Anthony to use the same osteopath as him. It was the same osteopath that helped cure Noah’s plantar fasciitis during the 2012-13 season that also affected him during the playoffs of that year.

While it could be meaningless that both Anthony and Noah are discussing medical information, it is a good sign for the Bulls that the two players are getting acquainted. Technically, Bulls management isn’t allowed to talk to players outside of the organization until the free agency period begins in July. However, the league has very little control over players talking to each other during the offseason—regardless of their free agent status.

Anthony, one of the league’s best scorers, would be a perfect fit for a Bulls team that ranked last in the NBA in points per game. Over the 2013-14 season, Anthony averaged 27 points, eight rebounds, and three assists for the New York Knicks. Although he’s not considered a good defender whatsoever, playing alongside Noah, Jimmy Butler, and Taj Gibson should make life easier and cover up some of Anthony’s woes if he were to become a Bull.

The Bulls can only sign Anthony outright if he were to take a drastic pay cut, and if the team amnesties Carlos Boozer‘s $15 million contract. The Bulls might also have to part ways with Gibson, Butler, or Mike Dunleavy to the Knicks in order to fit Anthony under the salary cap.

It’s going to be tricky if the Bulls plan on signing Anthony this summer, but at least they have a leg up on the recruiting process courtesy of Noah.

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