Zach Randolph Is The Answer For Memphis Grizzlies At Power Forward

By Nathan Grubel
Zach Randolph
Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Zach Randolph has really grown up since his early days in Memphis. Randolph’s career did not start out the best in terms of being a mature player in the locker room, but when he got the chance to really be a leader of the Memphis Grizzlies, Randolph took huge advantage and has really made an impact on both ends of the floor for the Grizzlies, especially on offense.

Randolph has posted averages of 17.1 PPG and 10.6 RPG for his career in Memphis. Randolph has been a consistent scorer in the low post with his ability to power his opponent down low enough in order to use his strength to muscle in an easy shot close to the rim.

In terms of rebounding, Randolph has the strength and footwork necessary to go up for the board at both ends of the floor. Very few players in the NBA are better at boxing out their opponent and knowing where to be for the rebound than Randolph.

Defensively, Randolph is not the best shot blocker due to his lack of elite hops, but he is good at using his wide body to clog the lane and contest as many shots as possible. Unfortunately for him, however, he has been in the league for quite a number of years, and at age 32, he may be starting to slow down in terms of consistent production.

Randolph has battled his share of injuries over the past three seasons, and it may not get any better from here on out. That being said, he is still the heart and soul of this basketball team. One can argue that Marc Gasol and Mike Conley are now better players overall than Randolph, but no one controls the direction of the team more than him. If he has a big game, then the Grizzlies usually win. If he has a bad game, then things do not usually look good for Memphis.

Randolph knows how to impact the game from all different angles, and his veteran savvy is necessary to have in postseason situations where youth is not always the best thing. The Grizzlies could go in multiple directions should the team look to move him in the upcoming offseason, or refuse to sign him to an extension should he opt out of his current contract.

Ed Davis has been waiting in the wings for a few years now waiting to take over the starting spot, or the team could look to go after another veteran forward like Pau Gasol, who is expected to test free agency and potentially leave the Los Angeles Lakers.

There are many players who could take Randolph’s spot in the rotation, but if the Grizzlies are smart, they should stay the course and get as much out of him as they possibly can. Randolph is liked and respected in the locker room, and that kind of chemistry should never be messed with no matter what player becomes available.

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