Marcin Gortat is Intriguing Option for Los Angeles Lakers

By Brendan Patel
Brad Mills - USA TODAY Sports
Brad Mills – USA TODAY Sports

Center Marcin Gortat had a very strong season with the Washington Wizards and averaged almost a double-double last year. He has proven to be a very reliable center, and is very effective on the offensive end. The Los Angeles Lakers will have a need for a quality big man next season, and Gortat represents a very intriguing option.

Gortat had his best couple of seasons playing next to Steve Nash several years ago, who is currently still a member of the team. He demonstrated an excellent ability to finish at the rim, and was comfortable in playing off of his teammates. He has developed an efficient touch around the basket, and represents a solid post presence. He may never be a dominating, back to the basket scorer, but he has enough moves to be a threat. Gortat shoots efficiently from the field with a career average of 54 percent, and doesn’t need a lot of shots to be effective.

Defensively, he can give the team a stable rim protector, one who does not back down from anybody. He is fairly active and is able to provide good help defense. He also is a very good rebounder, who uses his size to position himself accordingly.

Gortat was fairly inconsistent in the playoffs, but did produce several monster games. It is likely that some team will overpay for his services due to these games, and the Lakers cannot afford to get in a bidding war. However, there are many quality free-agents available, which may mean that teams will wait on Gortat until those players are signed.

If teams do decide to wait on Gortat, then the Lakers should strongly consider offering him a deal for a reasonable price. He has decent offensive skills and can help improve their lackluster defense. He would also bring to new life into an organization that has had its fair share of struggles. Gortat represents an extremely intriguing option for the team this summer.

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