Boston Celtics Rumors: Danny Ainge Will Finally Trade Rajon Rondo

By Matt Banks
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Trade rumors involving Rajon Rondo have become a yearly tradition for Danny Ainge and the Boston Celtics. The front office can continue to deny the rumors, but they always return. There’s no doubt there’s some truth to these rumors, and with Rondo set to be a free agent next summer, this is the last chance Boston has to get something in return.

Rondo has been called immature and a down right pain in the butt to deal with. Some believe rifts with former coach Doc Rivers and teammate Ray Allen contributed to their pursuit of other opportunities.

Nevertheless, Rondo is an All-Star type talent and an NBA champion. Talent like that doesn’t become available very often. Naturally, when rumors start flying around about Rondo’s availability teams will at least check it out.

It’s been rumored that Ainge is asking for two unprotected first-round picks for Rondo. That’s a pretty steep price for a guy who is still recovering from a torn ACL. But why not throw that type of an offer out there?

Is it off the wall? Yes.

Just remember, all it takes is one team to bite on that bait for it to be a genius move. Plus it’s all in the art of negotiation. You start off high and then back off if the market is dry. Nobody makes a meaningful transaction by giving one of their main talents away for some crackers, a sack of marbles and their piggy bank savings.

Boston is still in a rebuilding period, and they are trying to acquire lots of young talent.

Several teams have been linked to Rondo including the Houston Rockets, New York Knicks, Sacramento Kings, Oklahoma City Thunder, Orlando Magic and Philadelphia 76ers.

Packages have been rumored to includes players like Isaiah Thomas, Ben McLemore, Chandler Parsons, Iman Shumpert and even Russell Westbrook. It’s all a bunch of hearsay created to force other teams to make a move.

Danny Ainge and head coach Brad Stevens continue to deny the rumors. That exactly what they should be doing unless they wanted a huge public mess on their hands and an upset Rondo in the process.

Make no mistake about it; Rondo will not hit the open market next year.

Ainge thrives on wheeling and dealing. He won’t pass up the opportunity to gather assets, gain attention and build for the future. A deal for Rondo would do all those things. Previous trades with the Brooklyn Nets and Minnesota Timberwolves show Ainge will sacrifice a great player to ultimately get what he wants. 

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