Michael Jordan Getting Fresh Start With Charlotte Hornets

By Andrew Fisher
Michael Jordan-Charlotte Hornets
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Michael Jordan‘s NBA playing career was legendary to say the least. His career as an NBA executive — not so much. However, with the rebranding of the Bobcats to the Charlotte Hornets, Jordan has a chance to turn things around.

The Hornets have only been back for a couple of weeks, yet it feels like there’s already more interest in the franchise than there ever was during the Bobcats era. People like the Hornets brand. It could just be because of the old glory days from the 90s when the team rose to popularity with its teal jerseys and star players like Larry Johnson and Alonzo Mourning, but for whatever reason, the Hornets are just a more notable team. No one outside of Charlotte ever really cared about the Bobcats.

To be fair to Jordan, it does seem like he’s got the franchise headed in the right direction. Charlotte made the playoffs for the second time during the MJ era this past season and it looks like Kemba Walker and Al Jefferson are going to be solid foundation pieces for the team moving forward.

But if Jordan is smart he’ll use this rebranding as an opportunity to really relaunch the franchise by putting a winning team on the floor right away next season. The time is right to bring in another big name free agent or two. Lance Stephenson and Carmelo Anthony both come to mind as possible options, but regardless of who it is, it needs to be someone who will get fans’ attention.

People will want to care about the Hornets. That can only truly happen if they’re a legitimate playoff team.

In some ways the slate has been wiped clean for Jordan. If he can turn the Hornets into a winning bunch over the next couple of years, people will forget about his failures in Washington and with Bobcats. But if the relaunch of the Hornets proves to be a failure, he’ll secure his spot as one of the worst superstars turned execs of all time.


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