Brandon Jennings Stupidly Offers Nick Young Pill at Night Club

By Connor Muldowney
Brandon Jennings
Getty Images

Being a professional athlete comes with a lot of responsibilities as well as temptations. Los Angeles Lakers star Nick Young is quickly finding that out as he seems to always be in the media for his crazy antics on and off the court. Well, this time it’s something that Brandon Jennings did and something Young didn’t do that has him in the spotlight.

Young and the Detroit Pistons‘ point guard were at a night club over the weekend and hanging out around the DJ booth because, well, because they’re famous and what not.

Of course the two wanted to be the center of attention and it looks like someone else in the DJ booth was filming the two NBA stars. At one point in the video, you see Young refuse something from behind him and then Jennings reaches over with something in his hand that appears to be a white pill of some sort.

Sure, we don’t know exactly what the pill is, but it can’t be a good thing is Young is saying ‘no’ to it.

While this could be harmless, it’s probably not. It’s at a nightclub and the two are clearly having a good time getting intoxicated and Jennings was having such a good time that he was partying without a shirt on at the DJ booth.

Hopefully for Jennings and the Pistons this is just nothing and he won’t be in major trouble over this. Sometimes NBA players do things that have you scratching your head.

I mean, offering a pill while someone is clearly taking a video of you? Smart.

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