New York Knicks Rumors: Steve Blake's Familiarity With Phil Jackson Makes Him a Good Option

By Gustavo Braga
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The 2013-14 season is long over for the New York Knicks, and besides everything that has been going on — coaching search, implementing Phil Jackson and his system, Carmelo Anthony staying or leaving — one of the most important matters for the team going forward is upgrading their roster.

With a very tight budget this offseason and the prospect of having much cap space in 2015, the Knicks have to look carefully at their roster and what the market can offer in terms of a significant change for next season.

Anyone who watched a single Knicks game this past season can admit that there’s one position on the floor that the team really needs to upgrade: point guard. With a troublesome and inconsistent starting PG in Raymond Felton, a 36-year-old third-year player in Pablo Prigioni and an undeveloped rookie in Toure Murry, the Knicks will look for replacements come next month.

There are three main possibilities out there that fit both the needs and the financial restraints of the organization: Steve Blake, Shaun Livingston and Darren Collison. Today, we take a quick peak at Blake’s pros and cons.

He is 34 years old, which means he could come to New York for a very reasonable amount of money on a veteran minimum. He is also a good defender, something that the Knicks lacked this season. Much like Prigioni, Blake is a good outside shooter and annoying defender, so he would fit in well. He’s not the strongest or fastest in the game, but is surely an upgrade where creativity on the floor is concerned.

The biggest aspect of his game, though, and the thing that makes him a strong candidate, is having played for Jackson himself. The president knows Blake and what he can do, and even though the team is not looking at an All-Star upgrade like Chris Paul, Jackson would know how to best utilize the veteran PG.

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