Does Jason Kidd Have a Future as the Brooklyn Nets' Head Coach?

By Brendan Murray
Jason Kidd
Tom Szczerbowski-USA Today Sports

While the Brooklyn Nets have no shortage of concerns to address during the 2014 offseason, head coach Jason Kidd is one factor the team need not worry about.

Kidd certainly had a slow start, as the Nets stumbled out of the gate and finished a mediocre sixth in the weak Eastern Conference. He did not help his image around the league with his antics early in the season, highlighted (or low-lighted) by his suspension for drunk driving and $50,000 fine for spilling a drink on the court in order to gain an extra time out.

He turned the corner as he gained experience however, showing true talent and potential during the later part of the season, and in the playoffs. He was able to lead the underachieving Nets to a victory over Atlantic Division champion Toronto Raptors in the first round, along with an impressive regular-season campaign against the Miami Heat, the undisputed kings of the East.

During the successful portions of the Nets’ season, Kidd showed an ability to send out creative and effective line-ups as he shuffled Brooklyn’s rotation. He has a talented offensive unit stockpiled with scoring threats but heavy on shoot-first stars.

If Kidd, along with GM Billy King, can find a way to construct a roster and starting five  that can move the ball well and defend, the Nets have some of the pieces to become true contenders.

Now, let’s not get ahead of ourselves, Jason Kidd will struggle at times as he continues to make the jump from player to coach, and he is still not on the level of Gregg Popovich or Doc Rivers. What he will be is a competent, effective coach with a strong team at his disposal.

Jason Kidd is only at the beginning of what could be a long, successful, career as Brooklyn’s head coach. The Nets should do anything they can to give Kidd an opportunity to lead this team to victory.

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