Dwight Howard's Alleged "Side Chick" Adds More Fuel to Apparent Fire

By RantSports Staff
Dwight Howard 16-year-old girl

By now you’ve probably heard about the whole Dwight Howard controversy with photos of him and two alleged underage girls in what appears to be a hotel room surfacing on Twitter. But the main thing is nobody really knows if this is what it looks like.

Baller Alert seems to have some insider information after doing some research and a lot of looking through Twitter: A 16-year-old girl not in the pictures with Howard that surfaced is claiming to be the Houston Rockets center’s “side chick” and goes by Debbie (pictured above).

B.A. reports that Debbie claims to have had “some type of romantic involvement” with Howard, they texted frequently and he flew his “Princess” to Houston on multiple occasions.

Where it really gets ugly is Debbie saying Howard broke her heart and an apparent friend of hers said on Twitter that Dwight “cheated and talked s*** about her” to said friend.

The screenshots of the tweets which have since been deleted are at B.A. and the screenshots of the alleged text conversation are in our original story.

So to recap, there’s a lot of he-said, she-said and really nothing else right now. Well, it’s actually all she-said at this point; Howard has yet to comment on the matter.

What’s your take? Is that all just nonsense that will turn out to be nothing or will the Rockets end up thankful they didn’t trade Omer Asik? Either way, the folks on Twitter are having a field day at Dwight’s expense in the meantime.


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