If Dallas Mavericks Want Carmelo Anthony, They Must Outbid Houston Rockets for Rajon Rondo

By Miotch
Rajon Rondo
Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Once again, it looks like the Dallas Mavericks will be competing with the Houston Rockets for a big-name free agent. Last year, of course, the eligible bachelor was Dwight Howard.

In spite of Mavericks owner Mark Cuban saying it was a good thing the Mavericks failed to get Howard, it had to be a yucky feeling to get beat by Houston like that. And if it were to happen again this year with New York Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony? If you’ve ever seen the TV show Shark Tank, you know Cuban might very well lose his mind.

The NBA‘s Western Conference is as tough as nails as it is, so can you imagine if the Rockets not only signed Anthony but also traded for Boston Celtics‘ premier point guard Rajon Rondo? It would be bonkers, and financially, there are ways for the Rockets to make it work, especially with those expiring, poison pill contracts. And yes, the Celtics aren’t exactly trying to dump Rondo anywhere right now, but the Rockets are apparently interested.

So that’s where the sweepstakes for Anthony could begin. Nothing can be as tasty for Anthony should he opt out of his contract with the Knicks than sitting there in a room with Howard, Rondo and elite scorer and epic beard man James Harden. In comparison, Dirk Nowitzki, Jose Calderon and Monta Ellis couldn’t dream of getting Anthony to cheer for their sales pitch with the same enthusiasm.

So again the Mavericks have to outmaneuver the Rockets, but it’s tricky this time. Now Dallas needs to figure out a way to trade for Rondo while including Calderon’s contract in the package. Then, with Nowitzki taking a pay cut and all the money coming off the books, the Mavericks would be in prime position to trade away a bunch of future draft picks and anyone not named Nowitzki or Ellis. And, all of a sudden, Dallas is the place to be for Anthony.

But if the Mavericks don’t do this and the Rockets get both Rondo and Anthony, the sky will officially be falling in Dallas.

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