Metta World Peace Blog: Tim Duncan Should be NBA MVP

By Metta World Peace
Tim Duncan Kevin Durant MVP
Alonzo Adams-USA TODAY Sports

When I picked Tim Duncan for MVP, it wasn’t to smear the work of Kevin Durant’s mom. I mean, she had Kevin working hard at an early age. She basically co-trained him for the most part. She enhanced a seed that was necessary for the world to see — a player worthy of all the accolades in times when the world pushed to market individuals.

Kevin fights that through his play. He understands that he needs his team to win and puts himself in the line of fire when needed. This is the child Ms. Durant raised. He is a valuable person and mandatory figure. He is also 6-foot-11, I might add.

How do I know? I had to guard the guy.

Durant is going to go down as the second-best shooting guard of all time behind Michael Jordan and win multiple rings. This is the man Ms. Durant raised.

MVP. MVP? MVP! Nah, no, uh-uh, hold up.

With all that said, compadre, Tim “Dunkin” Duncan, or Tim “Layup” Duncan, is the MVP. He is everything that Durant will be. These two are different, but similar. I admire them both. But when we are talking a team’s most valuable player and the only team with 60 wins or better, we are only talking Tim Duncan or, as Tim might say, the Spurs.

Duncan also was the only player this season who said his team will win the Finals. Why are players so cautious to back their words up? Not even King James came out with such a statement. These are things that make an MVP. And to win four titles while chasing down and gaining ground on Kobe’s five, how can Tim not be the MVP?

Sometimes boring is better. Now as a current player, these stories are not recommended, but this media stuff is fun :)

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