Photo of Dwight Howard With Young Girls Could Further Ruin Reputation

Dwight Howard

Getty Images

Pictures have been making rounds around the internet today as it looks like someone is trying to get back at Dwight Howard for some reason or another. The Houston Rockets‘ big man has been pictured in a hotel room with what looks like two very young girls.

While there is no real information about what is going on in the hotel room with these two girls or even how old they are, but this certainly doesn’t look good for the NBA superstar right now.

Check out the picture and an alleged text message exchange between the two:

While we can’t really tell what’s going on, but if this is as bad as it looks, Dwight could be in serious trouble. No one knows anything about what’s going on, but these girls don’t look any older than the age of 16 and that might spell bad news for the Rockets’ new big man.

Here’s another image of the full text conversation between the girl and Dwight:

If you don’t believe that it’s Dwight in the picture, here’s a better shot of his face in the shot:

People around the internet are speculating to how old she is, but rumor has it right now that the girl is a high school sophomore.

For all we know this could be a relative, but it certainly looks fishy.

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  • Farva55

    Smooth Dwight. Smooth.

  • Thabeet

    If her age is on the clock she’s ready for the…..

    • Farva55

      I wonder if DH is going to prom this year-

  • bootska

    Age of consent is 16 in Florida.

    • CharlesS702

      I’m not sure who told you that but the age of consent in Florida is 18. However if you’re within 3-4 years of the person the age of consent doesn’t mean anything. Also it says “High school girl claims Dwight Howard flew her out from Florida to hook up.” That leads me to believe this didn’t happen in Florida. Maybe Texas, where the age of consent is 17 but legal as long as you’re less than 3 years older. I’m not an expert on age of consent, and had to run a quick google search on those two places, but I think it’s illegal everywhere in the United States of America for a 28 year old man to have sex with someone under the age of consent. I’m also pretty sure that it’s a Federal Crime to transport a minor across state line with the intent to have sex.

      Dwight Howard better lawyer up. No matter how you look at this he’s broken some pretty serious laws. He better pray to God he has proof he didn’t inappropriately touch that girl. This is a very serious situation. You guys can pretend like it’s no big thing but I’m sure this has already cost him millions in endorsements and charges haven’t even been brought up yet. Charges mean he’ll get civil and criminal charges brought up against him and any type of conviction means SERIOUS jail time and a lifetime ban from the NBA.

      • Tom Mitchell

        Perhaps you’re unaware of how he American justice system works. Even IF something happened, the burden of proof is not on Dwight Howard to prove he didn’t touch that girl. They would have to prove he did.

        • CharlesS702

          Having been caught up in the American justice system I can assure you the burden is, 8 times out of 10, on the accuser to prove their innocents, especially with cases such as this. Now I’m not judging Dwight. I have no clue what happened here, however all it takes is for this girl to say “I had a sexual relationship with Dwight Howard and he bought me a plane ticket so we could hook up” and regardless if it’s true or not, the burden switches to Dwight to prove his innocence. That’s the case in all witness based trials. If a cop or a witness sees you committing a crime there words become facts unless the defense can prove the cop or witness is mistaken or a liar. We may not want the courts to work like that, some may even deny it, but that’s just the way it is.

    • Swauny Jones

      Regardless that is downright gross…

  • urbantiger

    The age of consent is 16 in Florida but Florida has what is called the romeo and juliet law which states A person 16 year of age can have sex with the age range 16-23… Last time I checked Dwight is 28…

  • Jody McCulloh

    Who’s taking the pictures? there is someone else in the room setting him up. All the women in the world he has more sense than being involved with youngins.

    • iEATcelticBabies

      you would think ted bundy had more sense aswel

      • Kurwin Saunders

        Dwight Howard = Ted Bundy?!? Did Dwight cornhole your mom or something?

        • iEATcelticBabies

          wow.. a anal homosexual retortion, from a gay homosexual, how surprising, whats next, dutch rudder?

  • Chris Larter

    Looks more like he’s a surprise guest for someone and a few trolls have stolen the original pick and reposted them to cause trouble!

    Kobe is that you??

    • jackie chan

      i dont get it…Kobe??? lol Kobe has 5 rings.Dwight has a big fat goose egg 0!!!! try again.

      • Hugh G. Rection

        Kobe allegedly asexual assaulted a woman in Colorado.

  • CharlesS702

    The legal age of consent in Florida is 18, unless you’re under 23. However this says he flew her out from Florida so it leads me to believe this didn’t happen in Florida. The legal age of consent in Texas (where Dwight lives) is 17, unless your age is within 3 years of your partner. A 2 second google search on both brought up those facts so I’m not really sure why other’s feel the need to make stuff up without searching it first. I’m not 100% about these laws as I’ve never had to worry about having a relationship with someone under the age of 18 but I’m pretty sure it’s illegal for a 28 year old man to have sex with anyone under the legal age of consent anywhere. I’m also pretty sure it’s a Federal crime for an adult to transport a minor across state lines for the purpose of having sex. This stops adults from Tennessee taking 16 year old minors to Kentucky just to have sex and then travel back across the boarder.

    Now I’m not sure about the situation so I won’t act like I do and condemn Dwight Howard, however I won’t pretend like this situation isn’t a big deal. I can’t put him down but all I can really say is things aren’t looking too good for Dwight Howard. I hope he takes this more serious than most of you. I’m sure this story has already cost him big money in endorsements. Any kind of charge could also bring on serious lawyer fees as well and any conviction opens him to civil suit and a lifetime ban from the NBA. I’m sure he already has but if not he needs to contact a lawyer immediately.

  • ChasUGC1

    Remember, something very similar to this happened to Chuck Berry and cost him 3 years in jail for transporting a minor across state lines for sex. Personally, I have no love lost for Dwight being a Lakers fan. Jailbait=Jailtime

  • scratche

    How the hell can you tell their age from that pic? Dude is 7ft tall, everyone looks like a munchkin next to him. This is terrible journalism.

    • Dane Veerkamp

      Anyone with half a brain wouldn’t guess someone’s age based on their height.

      • scratche

        Exactly what else from the photos gave the author the reasoning to state that the girls don’t look older than 16? There really isn’t a tremendous difference between 16yr old girls and 18yr old girls in most cases. Sometimes girls look older/younger than they actually are.

  • Jamminn

    Chester Howard!!!!15 will get u 20!!

  • iEATcelticBabies

    Dwight howard might have michael jackson syndrome…5 year old trapped in a mans body

  • Kayfaber

    Young booty has taken down kings, presidents, governors, etc

  • platasnatch

    who’s taking the picture? this may look bad but i don’t see dwight being so dumb as to have pictures taken, especially in his damn training clothes.

  • Mexor

    Oh big deal. It’s an old law that used to be based on protecting a girl’s virginity before marriage but more recently has been based on irrational fear.

  • yesanditcounts

    People also forget that when Howard first entered the NBA he said was a Christian and want to help save other players. That was before all of the children he started to have out of wedlock with several different women. He’s always been fake.

  • iEATcelticBabies

    Dwight will lay waste to houston like he did in orlando and L.A, this guy just wants to live the baller lifestyle, does’nt care about NBA history, glory, rings, hall of fame induction… just little chicks and a spot on mtv cribs.. gross !

  • Trips

    Def. A lil fishy and I aint a Dwight fan but I also aint a sucker either not gonna judge til I know the truth as stated they could be family members, cousins, nieces, friends of family or could be 2 girls he tryin to smash will hold comments till find out the truth.

    As far a text message same thing who sent that in?? Could be total B.S so will wait an see!!!