Photo of Dwight Howard With Young Girls Could Further Ruin Reputation

By RantSports Staff
Dwight Howard
Getty Images

Pictures have been making rounds around the internet today as it looks like someone is trying to get back at Dwight Howard for some reason or another. The Houston Rockets‘ big man has been pictured in a hotel room with what looks like two very young girls.

While there is no real information about what is going on in the hotel room with these two girls or even how old they are, but this certainly doesn’t look good for the NBA superstar right now.

Check out the picture and an alleged text message exchange between the two:

While we can’t really tell what’s going on, but if this is as bad as it looks, Dwight could be in serious trouble. No one knows anything about what’s going on, but these girls don’t look any older than the age of 16 and that might spell bad news for the Rockets’ new big man.

Here’s another image of the full text conversation between the girl and Dwight:

If you don’t believe that it’s Dwight in the picture, here’s a better shot of his face in the shot:

People around the internet are speculating to how old she is, but rumor has it right now that the girl is a high school sophomore.

For all we know this could be a relative, but it certainly looks fishy.

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