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Kobe Bryant Takes Hilarious Shot at LeBron James’ Lack of Hydration

Kobe Bryant

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As one of the best players in NBA history, Los Angeles Lakers‘ star Kobe Bryant knows what it takes to win championships. One of those crucial elements is staying hydrated to avoid serious cramps — kind of what happened to LeBron James and the Miami Heat last night. Kobe took to Instagram to take somewhat of a gentle shot at King James on Friday morning.

Everyone seemed to have gotten their two cents in right after James went down in the fourth quarter of Game 1 on Thursday night with a cramp in his leg, but Kobe waited until Friday morning.

What better way to say that you’ve been the best player in the NBA for the past decade-plus than to point out LeBron’s flaws about lack of staying hydrated?

Okay, maybe he was taking more of a shot at the NBA for not allowing players to drink whatever sports drink they want, instead forcing them to have Gatorade on the sidelines. Kobe was just pointing out the fact that he drinks something that never gives him cramps.

Sure, Bryant was knocking the NBA and other sports drinks, but to post something like this right after LeBron went down was the perfect way to expose King James.

Kobe was probably just trying to sell one of his sponsors’ sports drinks, but instead came off to many fans as knocking James after he hurt his team’s chances of winning Game 1 of the NBA Finals because of cramps that sat him on the sideline for the final five minutes of the game.

Shots fired — kind of.

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