Boston Celtics Shouldn't Overpay For Kevin Love

By Eddie Santiago
Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports
Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The Boston Celtics are one of the rumored teams that can be in on the Kevin Love sweepstakes. Rumors out there are saying the Minnesota Timberwolves aren’t “enamored” with the Celtics’ offer, and are “hesitant” to trade another Timberwolves forward to the Celtics, a la Kevin Garnett.

Everyone is stating that it would take a minimum of what it took the New York Knicks to land Carmelo Anthony to get Love to Boston. I think that is way too much to offer a player who hasn’t even come close to the playoffs.

While a great player in his own right, Love isn’t that lead guy who can take a team and carry them through the regular season and into the playoffs like Anthony. Love not making the playoff once in his six seasons has some questioning whether his numbers are empty numbers. His numbers certainly haven’t meant much with his team being in the lottery every season he’s been up in Minnesota. If I was the Celtics, I wouldn’t look at Love as the guy who can change the franchise. Instead, I would look at him as an important piece.

The Celtics shouldn’t overpay and mortgage the future for a guy who may not bring instant success like Anthony did with the Knicks. Anthony has improved on his game every year with the Knicks. While it didn’t pay off for him this year, 2013 was definitely his best personal year as a pro.

Love is still only 26 and can possibly improve on his game the way Anthony did before joining the Knicks, but we had already known what Anthony could do prior to his departure from the Denver Nuggets. He brought them to a Conference Final, and made a playoff appearance every single year he was there.

In the end, I think you need to get Love at the right price, and if this becomes a bidding war for his services, I think the Celtics should refrain from mortgaging the future for a win-now type of move. Look at the situation the Knicks have put themselves in.

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