Ideal Situation For Boston Celtics Is To Trade The Sixth Pick

By Eddie Santiago
Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports
Winslow Townson – USA TODAY Sports

The Boston Celtics are slotted to pick six in June’s NBA Draft. There are rumors that if they use the selection, they are going to pick Arizona forward Aaron Gordon, but that’s not an ideal pick for them at No. 6.

Instead, the Celtics need to trade the No. 6 pick and try to get an established player in the league. Danny Ainge is known for making major draft day deals (check out last year, and also the trade of 2007 that brought Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett to Boston).

At No. 6, there will be a bunch of players that don’t fill any particular whole in the current Celtics roster. There is no game changing wing player. Those guys, Andrew Wiggins and Jabari Parker will be long gone.

The Celtics have enough undersized power forwards, so check off Julius Randle and Aaron Gordon. Do they really need a point guard? Marcus Smart won’t be an upgrade over Rajon Rondo now or in the future.

The next wing players available would be Gary Harris, who is undersized just like Avery Bradley, or Doug McDermott, who just isn’t good enough to go at No. 6. Everyone available wouldn’t be a fit for the Celtics, so ideally, they’ll trade back or even just trade out of the pick.

The Celtics need to bring in an established player, but how many established players are exactly available at the moment? Well, close to everyone can be had given the right price unless it’s a player like LeBron James or Kevin Durant.

Getting out of the No. 6 pick would be the best idea come draft day, simply because it is a spot where no one there would fill the hole for the Celtics.

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