Metta World Peace Blog: Sports Fans Need Good Boxing -- Contenders Canvas

By Metta World Peace


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I get disoriented when boxing acts as if it runs the world — when it acts as if we, the fans, are not worthy. When boxing acts as if we don’t see Floyd vs Pacquiao or Floyd vs Bradley or Pacquiao vs Garcia we will not be depressed. Does boxing understand that we have nothing if we don’t have our fights?

It is bad enough when football seasons ends; we are lost. When the NBA Finals final buzzer sounds we have to do family dinners again. I need an excuse to leave the house and not do the gosh-darn dishes. That excuse is good fights, dammit.

Our wives know: “Do not get in the way or ask me to do any damn thing during boxing or Monday Night Football.” But noooooo — Golden boy, TMT, and Top Rank refuse to satisfy me.

I want to see Alexander vs Bradley again. And oh, let’s not even talk about 50 Cent and Gambao, who is better off fighting like Kimbo Slice. Why can I not see him fight more often dammit? I want to see Adrien vs Gamboa. Feed me boxing.

I do not feel like taking out the trash. Whatever happened to man honor? Why are you acting like girls? OMG!!! Dibella, thank you. I will not thank anyone else. Dibella, as of now, you are boxing.

Cotto vs Martinez better be a good excuse to my wife for me to get out of the house, man!!!

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