Spencer Hawes Would Not Be Good Pickup For Los Angeles Lakers

By Brendan Patel
David Richard - USA TODAY Sports
David Richard – USA TODAY Sports

Spencer Hawes has gradually been developing his game since he entered his league, utilizing his skill set and size to become a more effective player. He isn’t necessarily flashy, but can be an important role player on a contending team. While he is a solid player, he would not be a good pickup for the Los Angeles Lakers. It is likely that he will command a decent salary after several solid seasons, but the Lakers won’t be able to afford an expensive role player in the near future.

The best attribute that Hawes has to offer is his diverse skill set on the offensive side of the ball. He has nifty moves and a soft touch around the basket. His height allows him to score over smaller players in the post, and he is a good free-throw shooter. He has become a respectable three-point shooter in recent years, enabling him to space the floor and keep defenders honest. Hawes is also a decent passer for a big man, giving the team another dimension.

This ability to score from multiple areas on the court makes him extremely valuable to a team with star players in the lineup, as he creates more room for them to operate and can finish off plays if the defense collapses on them. The problem is that the Lakers don’t have any star players who can create for their teammates, outside of Kobe Bryant and possibly Steve Nash. They need another player who they can run their offense through, especially for the money that Hawes will likely command.

Defensively, Hawes’ height allows him to challenge shots and average over a block a game. He is a good rebounder, and gets better at it every year. However, his lack of quickness means that he is unable to cover the mistakes of his teammates, something the Lakers need out of their big man. The team needs more athleticism to improve their deficiencies from last season, and Hawes would not be the answer.

While Hawes is a very good player, the Lakers need to look elsewhere for a big man. They should not spend that much money on a player who won’t improve their defense and isn’t someone you can run an offense through. The team needs more athletes around Bryant and Nash to help cover their lack of speed and give the team options against their younger opponents.

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