Chicago Bulls' History to Repeat Itself With Kevin Love and Carmelo Anthony

By Randall Hampton
Kobe Bryant, Tracy McGrady, NBA
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The Chicago Bulls have been a rumored landing spot for high-profile athletes like Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Love for what seems like an entire season. The best-case scenario would be Chicago landing one of them, but chances are that won’t happen.

The Bulls have a history of getting left at the altar when it comes to big-name players being available. Superstars like Tracy McGrady, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James and even the city’s own Dwyane Wade have used the Bulls for leverage to get better contracts from other franchises.

The pressure that comes with playing in the house Michael Jordan built has caused plenty of great players to pass on Chicago. The organization has a reputation of being cheap, and that has also played a role in why the superstar free agents have spurned the Bulls.

The Bulls notoriously underpaid Jordan; couple that with the fact that the current front office has yet to get Derrick Rose the help he needs, and it paints an unflattering picture of the Bulls. This offseason will be no different when it comes to the team’s first options.

Things may look a little bleak for the New York Knicks now, but if Anthony leaves the Knicks, he will be branded as a player who can’t make anyone better. Anthony would essentially be leaving $30 million on the table to go play with another superstar with questionable knees.

Anthony and the Knicks have too much invested in each other, and the Bulls have too much history of striking out for the summer of 2014 to play out the way Bulls fans want it to.

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