2014 NBA Finals: Ex-Dallas Mavericks Player Jason Terry Still Hates Dwyane Wade, Miami Heat

By Miotch


Jason Terry
Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

If you were to ask the majority of NBA fans on Twitter why former Dallas Mavericks star Jason Terry might hate the Miami Heat, they’d probably attribute Terry’s hatred to LeBron James‘ ‘posterization’ of Terry last season. Unfortunately, that’s what stands out in the minds of many when they think of Terry, but he just needs to look down at his 2011 Mavericks NBA championship ring and remember how he stood up to James and inspired Dallas to win that title.

Terry was, by the way, wearing that same championship ring last night when he appeared on Fox Sports 1’s Fox Sports Live. Speaking about who he thinks will win it all this year, the Heat or the San Antonio Spurs, Terry said, “I hate to say it — and my Mavs fans are gonna kill me — but I still got the Spurs.”

But Terry, who now plays for the Sacramento Kings, is wrong to worry about Mavericks fans turning on him because he’s pulling for the Spurs. It’s not easy for any Mavericks fan to cheer on Tim Duncan and Tony Parker, but for some, it’s the lesser of two evils. Terry touched upon that last night too, when explaining precisely why he hates the Heat more:

“I still think about ’05-06. I still get nightmares … Until Dwyane Wade retires, I still hate the Heat.”

Of course, after the Mavericks collapsed vs. Wade and the Heat in 2006, Wade, in perhaps the most uncalled for comments in the history of the NBA, put all the blame on the great Dirk Nowitzki. Terry might not currently play for the Mavericks, but he will always be a Maverick at heart. And Nowitzki will always be his boy, so there’s no way he’ll ever let those comments from Wade slide.

Nowitzki has a charity baseball event later this month. Terry will be there, but you know Wade didn’t get an invite.

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