2014 NBA Finals: Top 5 Moments Of Game 2

By Ronnie Hampston

2014 NBA Finals: Top 5 Moments Of Game 2

2014 NBA Finals - Game 2
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The stakes were high in Game 2 as the Miami Heat were looking forward to bouncing back from a Game 1 defeat. Game 2 was just as thrilling as the first game of the NBA Finals, and the Spurs and Heat left fans in awe after watching great basketball. Here are five of the top highlights of Game 2 of the NBA Finals.

5. Dwyane Wade seals the deal

Dwyane Wade didn't play his greatest game, but he made timely shots and plays when his team needed them the most. Wade's layup here sealed the game for the Miami Heat as the series is now tied 1-1.

4. Tim Duncan Soars for the Dunk

Tim Duncan may be 38 years old, but he is playing as if he is in his 20s. Duncan turned backed the clock and had a huge tip-dunk during the first quarter of Game 2.

3. Chris Bosh Takes Flight

Chris Bosh came into Game 2 very aggressive as he played closer to the rim. Bosh has been criticized for his lack of aggressive play, but he unleashed the beast on the Spurs in Game 2.

2. Chris Bosh Shows His Clutch Gene

Chris Bosh played a great inside-outside game in Game 2 of the NBA Finals. He has been a solid 3-point shooter this season with the Heat, and the 3-pointer he made in Game 2 may have been his biggest of the season thus far.

1. LeBron James's Third Quarter

I know this doesn't count as one moment, but LeBron James' third quarter gave him supreme confidence to do what he wanted on the floor. James had a slow start in the first quarter, but he went into video game mode in the third quarter.

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