Brooklyn Nets Should Wave Goodbye to Andray Blatche

By Brendan Murray
Anthony Gruppuso-USA Today Sports
Anthony Gruppuso-USA Today Sports

Andray Blatche is pretty much the epitome of an NBA enigma. He has bounced around the league, posting fairly respectable numbers while seeming to find trouble wherever he goes. Now that he’s said he will decline his player option for the 2014-15 season, the Brooklyn Nets should let him sign elsewhere.

Now, saying that the Nets should let Blatche don another jersey isn’t so much a knock on the forward’s game as it is a testament to Brooklyn’s financial woes.

Blatche more than likely does deserve a raise for next year after an impressive 2013-14 campaign. His totals of 11 points and five rebounds per game, along with 47 percent shooting last season will certainly inspire interest and offers from other squad’s around the NBA.

More than likely, it will inspire interest within Brooklyn’s front office as well. Unfortunately, the Nets will not be able to compete with some of the offers that Blatche will get. Add that to the fact the Blatche already refused a discount to stay with the Nets by rejecting his option year, and his career in Brooklyn has likely run its course.

The Nets should instead spend the money that would have gone to Blatche on some of the other in-house free agent talent, like Shaun Livingston and Andrei Kirilenko. Either of those players would likely be cheaper than Blatche and surely would provide a better bang for the buck.

All things being equal, the Nets would more than likely love to have Blatche back in black-and-white during the 2014-15 season but only via his option year. He’ll be too expensive for their already scarce resources on the open market.

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