2014 NBA Finals: Time For LeBron James Haters To Back Off

By Jacob Kornhauser
LeBron James
Getty Images

There was a time when I was amongst the most extreme LeBron James haters. His appearance on “The Decision” really irked me just as it irked most of the country, especially those living in Cleveland. His woe-is-me attitude, his flopping and his narcissism all added fuel to the fire. Those are just a few reasons that people love to hate LeBron, but the truth is, it’s time to start noticing his accomplishments.

If the Miami Heat are able to win the NBA Finals this season, James will have won four MVP awards, reached the NBA Finals five times and had a championship three-peat by the time he was 30 years old. The guy has one of the best basketball IQs in the entire sport and has never had a notable issue off the court. As fun as it is to hate on LeBron, he needs to be appreciated because he’s a once-in-a-lifetime athletic talent and may be the best we’ve ever seen. Nobody can ever compete with Michael Jordan in the way that he changed the game and dominated for an entire decade, but it’s not a stretch to say LeBron is the most gifted athlete to ever play in the NBA.

While there will always be things keeping the majority of basketball fans from truly embracing LeBron, there’s a certain level of respect that he deserves. He will flop on one side of the floor and then make a highlight reel play on the next play; that’s what makes him such a polarizing figure. Especially as the most popular athlete on the planet right now, LeBron will always see plenty of love and hate. There was certainly more hate as he began his current stint with the Heat, but as time goes on, more people need to realize just how special it is to be able to watch him play.

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