Chicago Bulls Will Sadly No Longer Be Televised On WGN America

By Wally Jacobs
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Recently, WGN America, the station that televised Chicago sports across the nation since the 1980s, have announced that they are dropping all sports from their lineup starting in 2015 — and this includes the Chicago Bulls.

The change comes as a result from WGN turning their network from a superstation to a basic cable station. The sports teams that will be dropped include the Bulls, Chicago White Sox, Chicago Cubs and Chicago Blackhawks. As a result, fans outside of the Chicago market will no longer get to see games nationally. However, WGN TV will still continue to broadcast sporting events locally.

While WGN America will no longer broadcast sports games, there’s several other places to watch the Bulls nationally which include ESPN, ABC and TNT. NBA League Pass also allows fans to watch their favorite teams with a paid subscription. That subscription also includes streaming games online. Current Bulls broadcasters Neil Funk and Stacey King can still be seen and heard on the local WGN TV as well as CSN Chicago.

Although it could be seen as no big deal that WGN America won’t televise sports, it’s more of an end of an era for Chicago sports fans, who enjoyed watching and listening to broadcasting legends such as Harry Caray and JohnnyRedKerr. In the end, WGN America was to Chicago Sports what the TBS Superstation was to the Atlanta Braves.

It’s horrible that they will no longer televise sports. It was always so convenient getting to watch games on WGN America on occasion, without having to listen to the always obnoxious Jeff Van Gundy on ESPN.

Now, with the Bulls having a large following across America, fans will have to plan accordingly in order to get their Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah fix.

Wally Jacobs is a Chicago Bulls writer for Follow him on Twitter @WJac1.

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