2014 NBA Finals: Miami Heat's Defense Continues To Be Their Downfall

By Richard Nurse
San Antonio Spurs
Getty Images

If you are being truthful, you can admit that the Miami Heat deserved the world-class beating that the San Antonio Spurs put on them in Game 3 of the 2014 NBA Finals.

The defending champs had not played defense in the first two games of the series, so it was bound to catch up to them in the worse way possible: a way that saw the Western Conference representatives start off 19-of-21 while hitting 10 shots in a row, and going about 12 minutes without a missed field goal.

It was your typical Miami squad playing with fire, knowing that they have the ability to come back. You know, the type of first-half basketball that they have displayed for the past two seasons — only this time they were historically bad.

Despite shooting 56 percent in the first half, Miami trailed by 21 points at intermission after giving up 71 on 75.8 percent shooting. There’s really no other way to describe that than to say that the Heat were mesmerized by watching the ball go from Spurs player to Spurs player without touching the floor. The easy shots made their offense run like clockwork.

Things became so bad that as a fan, you could not help but wish that they would take some pride and just hit somebody. Then you realize that hitting people is all that they did when you see that the Spurs went to the line 32 times.

At some point, coach Erik Spoelstra is going to see that he needs to make a change and invest a few minutes in a defensive player on the perimeter, a la Shane Battier. Maybe he’ll even get lucky and knock down a few threes like he’s been known to do. Let’s face it, anything is better than James Jones, who can’t hit a shot or guard his own shadow.

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